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Wild South Skincare

Spotlight Lavish Body Creme

Spotlight Lavish Body Creme

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Lavish Body Creme, a lightweight emulsified body butter made with conditioning waxes, fatty acids, and liquid silk extract for a luxurious and nourishing experience. It's perfect for summer, providing rich indulgence without the mess of melted oils and butters.


water, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, vegetable glycerine, cetyl alcohol, kokum butter, ecomulse wax, olive leaf extract, preservative, fragrance.

Scent Description

Summer Nights(EO)-  Exotic Sweet Orange, with Jasmine, ylang ylang and  Bergamot, a "not floral" floral

CocoLoco (FO) - Fresh  coconut cream

 Double Espresso(EO)- Pure Coffee Bean

I Want Candy(EO)- sweet pink grapefruit jasmine and vanilla make you crave pink candy

Zest for Life(EO)- Give me all the citrus! Orange lime tangerine and lemon

5 O clock Somewhere(EO) Lime Margarita

Lemon Cake(EO)- Zesty lemon and warm vanilla

Lavender Vanilla(EO) - Soothing lavender and vanilla

Goddess (EO/FO) Seductive white musk blends with amber, myrrh and sandalwood

Sangria Spice (EO) dark fruit, nutmeg and spice with a hint of booze

Soft Cashmere (FO) Unisex- warm cocoa butter and cashmere with sweet milk

Toasted Marshmallow (BBW type)- smoky vanilla with sweet marshmallow notes

Milk n Honey(FO) classic unisex scent of warm milk and honey , no almond notes

Mystic Cherry (EO/FO) Black cherry  apples merlot grounded by charred oak, amber and cedar

Spearmint (EO)Unisex-  The Freshmaker

Laundry Day (FO)Unisex-  Fresh sun baked linens

Exotic Musk (FO)- myrrh dragons blood patchouli with floral notes of rose and jasmine On a base of woodsy musk.

Lemon Mint(EO) - Lemon and Spearmint

Cherry Blossom (FO) white lily Asian pear warm vanilla violet mimosa petals white jasmine sandalwood and cherry blossoms

White Tea (FO)  Unisex - tea leaves soft white flowers and hints of apricot

Pink Prosecco (FO) Sparkling champagne juicy berries and tangerine

Lilac Breeze (FO) soft vanilla wraps around French lilac petals

Night Out -(EO/FO) Raspberry and Chocolate anchored by soft musk  amber and sandalwood

Papaya & Coconut (FO) - light and tropical papaya is grounded by creamy coconut

Passionfruit White Tea (FO)- sweet and tart passionfruit with a hint of herbal white tea

Sweet Pea (BBW type)  (FO)-  sweet pea watery pear and luscious raspberry

Cotton Candy (FO)- summer carnival classic spun sugar

Tuscany (FO)  

Top Notes:  Peach, Pineapple, Fig, Orange, Melon

Middle Notes:  Fig, Jasmine, Violet, Buchu Leaves, Plum, Green Olive

Bottom Notes:  Vanilla, Coconut, Musk

Buy myself Flowers (FO) 

Top Notes:  Citrus Sparkle, Dewy-Watery

Middle Notes:  Jasmine, Rose, Peony, Lily, Carnation, Plumeria, Baby Breath, Honeysuckle, Tulip

Bottom Notes:  Fir Needle, Leafy Green

Royal Vanilla (FO) deep rich vanilla, buttery and grown up

Cashmere and Sugar- 

Top notes: White Jasmine, Pink Peppercorn, Poppy

Middle notes: Tea Rose Petals, Golden Amber, Soft Cotton

Base notes: Cashmere Musk, Sun-kissed Suede, Spun Sugar

Into the Wild (FO)

Top notes: Vanilla

Middle notes: Lavender

Base notes: Smokey, Woodsy, Musk

Bermuda Breeze (FO) 

Top notes: Citrus, Melon, Berries

Middle notes: White Jasmine, Osmanthus, Greens

Base notes: White Musk, Coconut, Tonka

Endless Summer (FO)  warm beach notes, surf wax, soft cocoa butter, like the best beach memories

Strawberry Rhubarb (FO) - tart green rhubarb blends with fruity floral strawberry, very fresh and only slightly sweet

 White chocolate Raspberry (FO) rich vanilla, white chocolate and a hint of raspberry

Burning for You (FO) -  Glowing embers of charred wood, subtly smoky and woody.

Notes of labdanum, patchouli, charred birchwood and forest 

Earl Grey (FO)- notes of bergamot, lemon, violet leaf, black tea, rose hips, sheer jasmine, white musk.

Cosmic Berry (FO) 

Top notes: Beauty Berry, Apple Peel, Blackberry Jam, Lemon Zest

Middle notes: Shaved Coconut, Sweet Raspberry, White Jasmine

Base notes: Sugared Musk, White Amber

Loopy (FO)

Top notes: Lemon, Lime, Citrus

Middle notes: Cereal, Milk, Orange

Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood

Tea & Scrumpets (FO) 

Black Tea steeped with juicy orange and served with bakery fresh crumpets.

Top note:  Orange Zest, Ginger Root, Tangerine

Mid note: Black Tea, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg

Base note: Raspberry Sugar, Tonka, Toasted Bread

Country Store (FO)-  like walking back in time into the old general store. spices and dried apples with warm woods

Pumpkin Latte (FO) 

Top note: Orange Zest, Brown Butter, Toasted Macadamia Nut, Fresh Brewed Coffee

Mid note: Cinnamon, Clove, Grated Ginger, Nutmeg, Cooked Pumpkin

Base note: Powdered Sugar, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean

Chai (FO)

Top note: Nutty, Buttery

Mid note: Cumin, Cardamom, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Cherry, Coconut, Nutmeg

Base note: Milk, Honey, Maple, Vanilla

Caramel apple (FO) sweet favorite of juicy apple, sweet caramel, a hint of cinnamon and topped with brown sugar

Cardamom & Cream (FO)

Top: Cinnamon, peppercorn
Middle: cream, black cardamom, ginger
Base: Tonka bean, chestnut, wood
Dark Desire (FO) 

Top : Dark Chocolate

Mid:  Suede, Cedarwood

Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk


Cedar & Lavender (FO)

Top : Cedar, Musk

Middle : Lavender

Base : Mahogany, Geranium, Oak

Vanilla Nectarine (FO)

Top : Nectarine, Tangy Fruits

Middle : Light Floral

Base : Vanilla, Coconut 

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